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Ultra-Thin Driver

81SLT100-01 – Ultra Thin Driver
  • Independent power supply for constant voltage LED
  • Special design screw terminal for field connection
  • Class II protection against electric shock from direct
    and indirect contact
  • SELV output
  • Open circuit,short circuit,over load and over
    temperature protection
  • Auto restart after fault conditions removal
  • Quiet design,working noise is less than 20dB
  • No load power consumption≤0.3W
  • Efficiency ≥84%(AC230V,full load)

 Specification sheet

Additional Information

81SLT020 01

Power Supply 20W 0-0.84A (Size 166x40x14mm)

81SLT030 01

Power Supply 30W 0-1.25A (Size 246x30x16mm)

81SLT060 01

Power Supply 60W 0-2.5A (Size 298×29.8x16mm)

81SLT075 01

Power Supply 75W 0-3.1A (Size 298×29.8×16.5mm)

81SLT100 01

Power Supply 100W 0-4.16A (Size 298×29.8×16.5mm)